A selection of my poems ...


A sea of swirling, swooping swallows surfed the sunlit sky,
The Autumn wind was whispering 'It's time for you to fly, (more..)

Nothing Matters

I watch the soft sea touch the shore with lovers faint caress,
Its fingers sinking deep into its yielded goldenness,
I see the foam throw out its breast to smother all below
And I remember you were here, and how I miss you so. (more..)

Saying That I Love You

Just saying that I love you doesn't really quite express 
How I need you for everything that makes for happiness,
Because I cannot put in words the way you make me feel,
How being with you proves to me that heaven must be real. (more..)


I want to try a dress on without looking like a whale
And ending up with half a tent, left over from a sale, (more..)